College Essay on Malicious Attack

A malicious attack is a set of actions specifically designed to harm the target system. They have deliberated attacks with enthusiasm that can be illegal such as organized crime, political for example terrorism or simply malicious for example attacks by hackers. However, the primary aim of these attacks is to steal personal information or to diminish the functionality of the target system. In addition, they can also to aim to damage the critical facilities, property, equipment through malicious cyber attacks.

These attacks are performed by the threat agents who might have no physical link to the target system or they might possibly have internal access to the system to a certain extent or some amount of information about it. Furthermore, the malicious attack is an attempt to forcefully exploit or take illegal advantage of a person’s personal computer. The malicious attacks can be carried out through viruses, worms, logic, bombs, Trojan horse, backdoors, spyware, adware, and Bot programs. Moreover, these attacks can be designed, coordinated, and executed from almost everywhere across the globe where there is an internet connection. However, the consequences of these attacks can be much more severe in the case of critical infrastructures. Infrastructures have always been the potential targets for malicious attacks whether for a political purpose or criminal military. Different actors are involved in the context in which terrorist threats and attacks are implemented.

Types of Malicious Cyber Attacks and their Impact on System’s Security

Trojan horses, viruses and worms are some of the most common malicious software that are used by the cyber attackers to damage a system, corrupt it, replicate itself or deny services or access to networks, services or systems. This software allows the hackers to copy or reverberate sensitive information to other systems. As the technology continues to advance, the nature of the threats is also changing. In the recent times, the hackers or threat agents are successful in introducing more complex and damaging DoS attacks, viruses and hacking tools. At present these hacking tools are widespread and powerful enough to spread blended worms such as blaster and slammed in a fraction of seconds. These viruses and worms are powerful enough to do much more than drastic destructions.

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