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Counts There’s a lot of ways to prepare for the California Bar Exam. The truth is most of them will leave you frustrated, overwhelmed and wondering if you are really prepared.

Let’s face it. You’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on your education. Hundreds of hours studying. With so much riding on the outcome of the most important test of your life why jeopardize the start of your career by leaving the outcome of the toughest Bar Exam in the United States to chance?

Your Law Career Awaits You. Make Sure You Start It the Right Way.

Bar Essay Graders provides the expert guidance, support and insight that stacks the odds of passing the California Bar Exam in your favor. From personalized grading, answers within 48 hours or less and up to 40 essays to prepare yourself, Bar Essay Graders delivers the most thorough, reliable and affordable Bar Essay preparation available.

If you take your career as serious as we take our own, Bar Essay Graders is the single best choice to augment your California Bar exam preparation.

Essays Graded by Practicing Attorneys

Our founders are not only practicing attorneys, from a top law schools such as USC, but all essays are graded by first time passers of the California Bar Exam.